Tuesday, October 2, 2012

The packing has begun. Once again, I ask myself, how many candles and vases do you need Vanessa. Once we have socks and Gizmo's toys, I think we will make it....hahaha!  I am ready to stop moving. It is tiring but exciting as well. The weather is changing, so in addition to hot day, cold night, cold day, cold night rotation, ragweed allergies are up. I got up to walk Giz yesterday morning and was all geared up, got out and it was pouring down rain. Even Giz was looking at me as if I lost my mind......he has the: what happen mama, why cant we go?
I love the apartment as it was safe, clean, simple, convenient. I have really good neighbors too. I will miss it. But I have found that I need to have more ground to grow things. I mean who grows a saffron root  in a pot on the 3 floor patio for the bragging rites??? I will have to post the picture now that I think of it. The thing is huge  :-)

Monday, September 24, 2012

Hello friends who are still checking on this blog. I have done a poor job of keeping up with the infomation. I got the loan paid off so I am able to move on. Thank you Higher Power and friends smarter than me :) I only got some of the contents covered, ah well!. Someone from the insurance company called me and cross examined my list. I finally said, "I dont know what kind of memory the computer had. I bought it when it was the standard computer for the time and I paid estimated X for it. please do what you need to do with it." I even put pictures of what was lost and the current price for each item. Gee wiz...gotta hand it to them, they wont give an inch. I was done with fighting by this time.

I am getting a place in the next month and I am supposed to move out of the apartment before October 15. I will work on this move more slowly as I am pretty burned out with boxes, wrapping paper and the thought...."I had one of those, I dont know where it is, maybe in storage in a box."

I am really hoping that I get settled down by Thanksgiving. I need to get a turkey pan (lost in stuff from garage) to make my traditional turkey, sweet potato, green beans, and relish :) YUMMY

The Gizzard, aka Gizmo is doing well. We walk a lot. He is still waking me up the morning and doesn't stop pawing at the bed until I get up and take him for his walk. And its not that he has to potty right then because when we get out, he walks around for a while before he goes. Spoiled little stinker, thank goodness for him or I would not get any exercise. Chronic Fatigue is a terrible thing.
Well if anyone is still reading, please feel free to send a comment. you have to choose the option for annonymous rather than sign up.

Monday, August 6, 2012

Update: I finally found a real estate lawyer to help. I am currently waiting on a check from the insurance. I suspect it will be here by midweek. Now begins the process of accounting for lost possessions while getting ready to move again. I cant move until October so I am trying to get an extension at the apartment for one more month. One more month of living under the elephants upstairs on the 4th floor. I suspect there is some alcohol involved as it tends to get very loud and erratic from Friday at 10pm through Saturday night. Why not?
Gizmo is doing better again. I cut his hair this weekend. All I can say is that my dog is forgiving and its not my best work. People have been kind to say that he looks cute. Note to self, don't get crazy with the clippers.
I think I forgot what "normal" or healthy living looks like. I cant remember the last time I sat down and vegged out on the couch. It seems like there is always something to do plus clean the house and walk the dog........on and on. Looking for the life lessons as we go move along here :)

Monday, July 16, 2012

It's almost been a month since I last said something due to the mayhem in tornadoville. Im I suspect I am as tired of giving bad news as everyone is of reading it. I will not go through the details of what is not working. I do have some good people who have talked me off the ledge of skyrise crazy and checked on the random SI solutions (not serious for the other therapist out there reading this). It will be months more before I get into a new home due to delay with contract work and prequalification time lines. I suspect my HP needs some time to move the people out of my new house so it can get on the market for me to buy. I suspect.
 On a more fun note: The Gizzard aka monkey dog is coming along. He got sick the other day (stomach problems) and I made him fish and rice for a couple of days and asked him to not die on me. So he convinced me that he would need pumpkin too. He ate that on his regular food for a couple of days. So now, the Royal Highness Sir Bed Sucker, looks at me as if I am crazy when he gets plain dry food.  Hahahaha! Who the pack leader here Cesar Milan??
One of my dear friends lost her grandmother last week and I ask that you keep her and her family in your thoughts and prayers.
Also, one of my friends is going through treatment for stomach cancer. Please send positive thoughts and energy to him.
A friend lost one of her dogs too so please keep her in your thoughts as well.
Thank you all.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

I was told this would be a long journey. Denial worked its way into the mix so I didn't really understand what that meant. Crunch time, two months to go in the apartment and no where closer to the end. House is still a wreck and I can't seem to get a loan due to my current work status. Does not matter that I work A LOT!!!!  Im trying to not get frustrated and bummed about it. So we are trying all the angles here. I am sorry I have not been more active with the blog. I want to keep everyone updated but sometimes its the same old information. I am waiting on the mortgage to get back to me with an actual number so I probably will not have one untill late next week. Only then will I know if  I can purchase something at all. 

Friday, June 8, 2012

Here is a picture of things are coming along..........for the monkey dog :)
He worked his way onto the guest couch that is now our only couch. Morning and late evening walks continue to be adventurous. I can't say I dislike the walks although I am very tired.  Upside? Who really looks at you at 6:30am with no makeup on  : - o
On the replacement of the house: I just now filed my taxes and waiting for the summary of the return to get prequalified (if possible for a new loan.) I am at the same time looking for a place that I think I can afford while gathering documents to turn into the mortgage company. Hopefully I can afford something that is higher than the loan of the house now so the insurance will pay off the loan. So we are in the balance again waiting for paperwork to be shuffled from one hand to the next. I salvaged my blueberry plant that I found tossed beyond the fence and brought it to the apartment. The one good thing about being in an apartment that has full sun on the patio for most of the day is that the blueberry bush in a pot is quite happy and I don't have to water it much cause it get rained on periodically. Also, no bugs are getting to it. Silver lining? yes!

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Looks like I went silent, huh? I have been working on taxes, possible qualification for a new loan, finding a new house and options for dispensing of the old one. Apparently (news to me), if you are a contract worker with a stable job, the bank does not care. You look like a major liability on paper.....Many moving pieces makes for stress induced alopecia.... among other things. Its all moving very slowly.

Gizmo is now fully trained to wake me up at 6am for is morning walk so he can chase the unassuming birds, squirrels, ducks in the city who don't expect the threat of a hunting dog. It's actually quite interesting to watch him zone in on some critter.

More updates to come as the housing search continues.