Tuesday, October 2, 2012

The packing has begun. Once again, I ask myself, how many candles and vases do you need Vanessa. Once we have socks and Gizmo's toys, I think we will make it....hahaha!  I am ready to stop moving. It is tiring but exciting as well. The weather is changing, so in addition to hot day, cold night, cold day, cold night rotation, ragweed allergies are up. I got up to walk Giz yesterday morning and was all geared up, got out and it was pouring down rain. Even Giz was looking at me as if I lost my mind......he has the: what happen mama, why cant we go?
I love the apartment as it was safe, clean, simple, convenient. I have really good neighbors too. I will miss it. But I have found that I need to have more ground to grow things. I mean who grows a saffron root  in a pot on the 3 floor patio for the bragging rites??? I will have to post the picture now that I think of it. The thing is huge  :-)

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