Monday, August 6, 2012

Update: I finally found a real estate lawyer to help. I am currently waiting on a check from the insurance. I suspect it will be here by midweek. Now begins the process of accounting for lost possessions while getting ready to move again. I cant move until October so I am trying to get an extension at the apartment for one more month. One more month of living under the elephants upstairs on the 4th floor. I suspect there is some alcohol involved as it tends to get very loud and erratic from Friday at 10pm through Saturday night. Why not?
Gizmo is doing better again. I cut his hair this weekend. All I can say is that my dog is forgiving and its not my best work. People have been kind to say that he looks cute. Note to self, don't get crazy with the clippers.
I think I forgot what "normal" or healthy living looks like. I cant remember the last time I sat down and vegged out on the couch. It seems like there is always something to do plus clean the house and walk the dog........on and on. Looking for the life lessons as we go move along here :)

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