Monday, September 24, 2012

Hello friends who are still checking on this blog. I have done a poor job of keeping up with the infomation. I got the loan paid off so I am able to move on. Thank you Higher Power and friends smarter than me :) I only got some of the contents covered, ah well!. Someone from the insurance company called me and cross examined my list. I finally said, "I dont know what kind of memory the computer had. I bought it when it was the standard computer for the time and I paid estimated X for it. please do what you need to do with it." I even put pictures of what was lost and the current price for each item. Gee wiz...gotta hand it to them, they wont give an inch. I was done with fighting by this time.

I am getting a place in the next month and I am supposed to move out of the apartment before October 15. I will work on this move more slowly as I am pretty burned out with boxes, wrapping paper and the thought...."I had one of those, I dont know where it is, maybe in storage in a box."

I am really hoping that I get settled down by Thanksgiving. I need to get a turkey pan (lost in stuff from garage) to make my traditional turkey, sweet potato, green beans, and relish :) YUMMY

The Gizzard, aka Gizmo is doing well. We walk a lot. He is still waking me up the morning and doesn't stop pawing at the bed until I get up and take him for his walk. And its not that he has to potty right then because when we get out, he walks around for a while before he goes. Spoiled little stinker, thank goodness for him or I would not get any exercise. Chronic Fatigue is a terrible thing.
Well if anyone is still reading, please feel free to send a comment. you have to choose the option for annonymous rather than sign up.


  1. Glad to hear things are moving forward. Call if I can help or if you want to grab dinner soon!
    -Kelly d.

  2. This is great news! It's been a long journey but a building one.If we can help in anyway just let us know, we can be on a plane tomorrow, lol
    we are always thinking of you,
    kathy, wayne