Monday, July 16, 2012

It's almost been a month since I last said something due to the mayhem in tornadoville. Im I suspect I am as tired of giving bad news as everyone is of reading it. I will not go through the details of what is not working. I do have some good people who have talked me off the ledge of skyrise crazy and checked on the random SI solutions (not serious for the other therapist out there reading this). It will be months more before I get into a new home due to delay with contract work and prequalification time lines. I suspect my HP needs some time to move the people out of my new house so it can get on the market for me to buy. I suspect.
 On a more fun note: The Gizzard aka monkey dog is coming along. He got sick the other day (stomach problems) and I made him fish and rice for a couple of days and asked him to not die on me. So he convinced me that he would need pumpkin too. He ate that on his regular food for a couple of days. So now, the Royal Highness Sir Bed Sucker, looks at me as if I am crazy when he gets plain dry food.  Hahahaha! Who the pack leader here Cesar Milan??
One of my dear friends lost her grandmother last week and I ask that you keep her and her family in your thoughts and prayers.
Also, one of my friends is going through treatment for stomach cancer. Please send positive thoughts and energy to him.
A friend lost one of her dogs too so please keep her in your thoughts as well.
Thank you all.

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