Friday, June 8, 2012

Here is a picture of things are coming along..........for the monkey dog :)
He worked his way onto the guest couch that is now our only couch. Morning and late evening walks continue to be adventurous. I can't say I dislike the walks although I am very tired.  Upside? Who really looks at you at 6:30am with no makeup on  : - o
On the replacement of the house: I just now filed my taxes and waiting for the summary of the return to get prequalified (if possible for a new loan.) I am at the same time looking for a place that I think I can afford while gathering documents to turn into the mortgage company. Hopefully I can afford something that is higher than the loan of the house now so the insurance will pay off the loan. So we are in the balance again waiting for paperwork to be shuffled from one hand to the next. I salvaged my blueberry plant that I found tossed beyond the fence and brought it to the apartment. The one good thing about being in an apartment that has full sun on the patio for most of the day is that the blueberry bush in a pot is quite happy and I don't have to water it much cause it get rained on periodically. Also, no bugs are getting to it. Silver lining? yes!

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