Thursday, April 5, 2012

The process is slow. What is the price of living in an upside down life for 6 months to a year, right about now I would take a buyout check. Apparently NC and Alabama are the only two states that you don't get a check from your insurance so you can walk away. All the professionals in the field who heard the appraisal value believes that there was a mistake.  A contractor is looking over the report and give his professional opinion. He was an appraiser prior to becoming a house contractor.

On the apartment front, Gizmo is doing as well as could be expected but I can tell this is not an ideal situation for him. I'm sure a lot has to do with my underlying discomfort of not being "home." I cut his hair and gave him a bath last night. I guess you can give a dog a bath in a shower. To the end of the shower, he was standing frozen. It was quite unnatural. Sorry no pics as we were both a mess for a bit there. For the out-of-town folks, its already in the 80's several days out of the week :o(

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