Sunday, April 15, 2012

I cant believe that 10 days have passed since I last put a post on here. It was a blink. Happy Pound of Flesh Day..... for USA tax payers. I had to call my CPA around mid March and file and extension. Thank goodness for those. I finally got a desk donated so I am officially writing from a space designated for bills, computer etc. Im useless without an office space. One of these days I will get around to the purchase of a new computer. I did not have a chair so I slid the ottoman that I had by the window for Giz that he was not using. (too hot during the day next to the window with direct sunlight) It works well here cause I can sit and work with space for him to sleep next to me on the ottoman. When I am done, I slide it under the desk. Neat!
Insurance........ :-( all I can say is mentally draining! Its been 30 days since the apartment and 43 days since the tornado. They are getting restless because I am still doing research to figure out what I can do: rebuild, get a new loan are pretty much the two main options in addition to fighting over the low appraisal number. There is also the added work of the expense reports for money spent during the transition, list of personal items lost, description, value at purchase....well you get the point. I'm working with the bank on if I can qualify with all that is going on....change in work history, income, present loan etc.  That is a process in itself.
I was talking to someone yesterday who mentioned the prayers: I knew it but have not acknowledged it in this chaos. I have churches of people praying for me and the Giz. I suspect its how we are still standing under all of this. Thank you all and may the blessings return to you in abundance.


  1. Hey Vanessa,

    I haven't heard much of anything from Noreen, so I imagine she is in the same boat. She did mention that they were draining her too. I will give you a call soon though.

    Stay positive and feel free to call and vent on me whenever you need to...I can be a good ear.


  2. That sounds terribly tedious and stressful. I'm impressed you're being pro-active with it and glad you don't have to deal with taxes on top of it all!
    Let's go running/walking soon!
    Hang in there...