Sunday, April 1, 2012

The boxes are gone finally. Sorry I have not updated the blog in the last week. Its been a trying one. On the insurance front, as expected, everyone is trying to low ball me. Round one is over. The contractor gave me some ridiculous number, the appraiser said the house was only worth half of what it was appraised for when I bought it and the rebuild process and pricing is very complicated. I took one look at the reports and was over with the whole thing. Here are some pics of the house now.
I plan to review the policy with some legal help to determine what exactly is going on here. Gizmo is having his ups and downs. He has been restless in the last few days and I can't tell if it is from the weather change or because he his overstimulated from all the sounds, smells, people, and urban life. Diet and exercise are good so I won't worry too much if he is eating and playing.

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  1. Sharon & RogerApril 2, 2012 at 1:47 PM

    That sounds awful. What does the market value of the house have to do with the cost of rebuilding? The price of building materials isn't affected by market value or are they suggesting u build a house half the size?
    Did the contractor give a breakdown of costs or was it just a rounded figure?