Sunday, April 29, 2012

The paperwork is definitely a bear! Everything has to be documented. By itself, with a little effort, it would be OK. Having to do it in combination with other pressing life issues is the challenge. There is also the reluctance to do it I must admit. I would rather be doing other things with my time. Apparently renter's insurance is similar in that you have to document everything in detail in case of a loss.
 Gizmo is doing well for now. He does enjoy his walks when I am not impatient about his sniffing and marking......Today he was walking down the road and in one continuous motion he walked over picked up and dropped a half eaten chicken wing. Thank goodness it was a chicken wing! After he dropped it, by command of course, I had to empathize with him, poor thing, I bet a chicken wing is a big score in his world.

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