Tuesday, March 27, 2012

The boxes just wont go away.......I find that the most frustrating thing in all of this is to think about something I need or had and realize I don't have it. It's gone or lost. Then I have to go buy it and put in on the log with a description for the insurance. And, that's not even my day job.
Thanks to everyone who have been calling and commenting. It's the brighter side of this whole mess. One friend looked at the aparment and said, "I know this mess in here is killing you." oh yes! So in tying to get situated I came up with some ways that people can help so the current needs list has been updated.
As for the house, I checked on it. It smells weird from lack of use, the trees have been cut and cleared, the fence is now a wood pile, the foundation bricks are either at the street for pick up or being used to hold the tarp down at the edge.  My gratitude is for the weather, this would have been hell if it was winter or the dog days of summer.

I have some new pics, I will put on later today. so check back.

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