Friday, March 23, 2012

Its not so easy to settle down when another move is coming up. Bits and pieces are falling into place. It figured that playing the radio to fill the space could help. I heard a country song couple days ago...quite funny...was about a guy who said "I aint as good as I once was but I was once as good as I ever could be." Given the situations in the song, it made my eyebrows go up. Anyone who knows me, Im not into country music much but it was an interesting take on life. Apartment living is different, you have to ask permission to do anything...paint, put things on the wall, not walk the dog on the leash, its almost like staying at a friends house and not wanting to mess it up. When you live in a house out in nowwhereville, you don't worry about open shades and stuff. Here in the fish bowl, gotta close the shades..........oops! :)

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  1. To b truly enjoyed, money, health and happiness must interrupted. When u live in an apartment, you've well and truly ticked those boxes. Keep the sense of humour going, but stop flashing the neighbours