Wednesday, March 14, 2012

So the clean up by the way insurance pays for issues related to the house...if a tree falls and not touching the house,you are on your own....good to know! So before you call them, push the tree onto the house.....kidding! Oh, and the city won't have it if you leave the debris for too long....huh! didn't know that either. Well its being done slowly so, just never knew that.
So, I think Im done with hotel living for a while. Its been good but unsetted. Sleep is not restful when this is the final destination. We take vacations and stay in hotels to get away and when there is nothing to get away from, its more of a chore. Dont get me wrong, having fresh linens and a made bed daily doesn't get old. I am moving on Friday, to an apartment on 7th street. Its a one bedroom, enough to keep it simple for 6 months. I will get some new pics of the house covered in blue tarp this weekend for you guys. Its getting warm and smells wierd in there, and the walls are cracking even more, its heartbreaking cause it feels like my home is dying.


  1. I have pics on my phone. Is there a way to post them to your blog?


  2. U r a strong woman and i'm proud u r my sister