Sunday, March 11, 2012

I am sorry I did not post this yesterday, I tried to cover a lot of ground in the last 3 days to try to find a place to live. Giz is doing well given the situation, he is getting tired and the effects of not being stable is begining to show at times.
I took him to the Dog Salon, on Central Ave on Friday morning to get him cleaned up. Jamie and all of the staff were wonderful. They were very understanding of our situation. They have a great self service bath with specials on certain days that can't be beat. Thank you Dog Salon.
Here is a list of things I did not know I needed until I looked in boxes..... a cup for soup or tea, a bowl for fruits on the counter makes the hotel room look more homely, floss, garbage bags, a small notebook to keep track of calls, a tin for giz's treats, facial mud mask, laundry detergent, a tooth brush, girly stuff, a can of soup, and bit sized pieces of chocolate :), headache medicine, tums, qtips...... the journey continues.

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