Friday, March 16, 2012

 The house is covered down and the clean up continues. Some of the trees have been removed and the fence around the lot cannot be salvaged. I guess we may consider a green fence in the future. I always liked Azaleas, the big ones like they have in Ashville. So I will get some better images of the house as it is now. A house with a blue tarp flapping in the wind screams of opportunity, and I am greatful that CMPD is still making regular visits to the neighborhood. I have been told that in times like these, A/C units, waterheaters, and scrap metal can attract sticky fingers.

This is the first picture of the apartment. It's a small, one bedroom. I thought that it would not be a difficult transition but it is tough to downsize. This is the evidence for therapy: what we think is going on inside is not necessarily the reality. I didn't have enough time to get more stuff in there today. I was totally exhausted and hotel living does take its toll although I took the towels for granted. I got to the apartment today and washed my hands in the bathroom sink, looked around and realized I forgot to bring towels. :)

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  1. So wish we were there to bring towels, bring a hot meal, help you pack, play with Gizmo, and just make you laugh. Gosh, you have gone through A LOT and still going through so much. Just keep on keeping on, ok.
    Shaun, Suse and Nate Xoxo