Thursday, March 8, 2012

Hello Friends, thank you all again for your support. I cannot describe how much it means to have you all checking on me and Gizmo (aka Monkey Dog). I hope everyone is well. I must admit that so many of you are donating things that I didn't know I needed. It is truly a blessing. Today I will continue to work on temporary housing as the insurance adjuster indicated that 3 months was the lower limit to this journey. I am taking Gizmo for his bath either today or tomorrow time permitting. He thanks everyone for their love and support. So lack of being able to sleep has its benefits. I saw this infomercial for some books (no, I didnt buy them, Im not an impulse shopper :) .. here are some great tips I picked up:
If your dog tends to have BO, put some dry yeast in his food, wash your shower curtain in salt water before hanging stop mildew, put mayo on furniture ring marks for an hour and wipe off to remove ring and use vanilla and water in a spray bottle instead of insect repellant or a dryer sheet in your pocket to repell mosquitoes. 

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  1. Hey, so sorry to hear this is happening to you, you don't deserve this. sounds like you have some great friends. To have great friends you have to be an amazing friend :)

    I may be stating the obvious, but familiar toys, your worn clothes and his own area of personal stuff will help Giz to feel relaxed in his new environment. This is what my vet advised on moving house.

    And those were random household tips, my advice, buy one of those books or change the tv channel.

    Here are my household tips:
    1. to stop boiled eggs from cracking, put a Tblsp of vinegar in the water before boiling
    2. For sparkling glasses, add a little vinegar to the dishwashing sponge and wash as usual. It also eliminates that eggy smell glasses sometimes get.